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Soluciones de talento diseñadas para el mundo laboral en evolución

En el panorama actual que cambia rápidamente, el éxito depende de tener el talento adecuado con las habilidades adecuadas en el momento adecuado. Le permitimos navegar el cambio constante con soluciones integrales diseñadas para generar resultados.

Enlaces rápidos

We believe the future works for all organizations, no matter the size

Whether you have 10,000 employees or 100, our experts will work with you to create talent solutions that meet your unique needs.

Navigating today's most critical talent challenges

From skills shortages to remote work and ever-evolving workforce expectations, organizations must navigate significant talent complexities in an increasingly volatile global landscape.

Maximize the entire talent lifecycle

Exceptional employees make for exceptional organizations. By optimizing talent acquisition, development, retention and succession, you empower your workforce to reach their full potential.

Navigate global challenges with confidence

The world of work is constantly evolving, and all organizations, both big and small, need to be able to adapt. Proactive talent strategies help organizations embrace a world of constant change.

Foster a culture that fuels success

Nurturing a culture of motivation, accountability, and continuous improvement demands unwavering commitment, yet it unlocks the pathway to sustainable growth.

Your partner in talent and workforce transformation

With a personalized, empathetic approach and proven track record, we are here for you to achieve your career and business goals.

Recruitment Solutions

Finding the right talent with the right skills is critical. With specialized consultants across the globe covering every professional industry, we can help you deliver the talent your organization needs.


When layoffs are unavoidable, offering comprehensive outplacement support to affected employees can go a long way in protecting your organization from the negative impacts of change.

Career Mobility & Development

Employees are looking for career growth now more than ever - don’t let them look elsewhere to find it. Our Career Mobility Solutions help you to increase retention while unlocking the critical skills your organization needs to succeed.

Leadership Development

Today, the success of leadership hinges on their ability to adapt. Effective leadership development is achieved by providing leaders with the skills they need to embrace new competencies and behaviors like greater empathy and EQ, resilience, agility, and virtual leadership.

Transformative impact the world over

See what our clients have to say about how we have helped them transform their organizations and achieve lasting impact.

I have worked with LHH for many years with multiple employers. You have been invaluable and a great service partner in assisting me with all of my staffing needs. Not only are my needs fulfilled, even last minute, I am given a candidate with the exact skill set requested in order to complete job duties successfully. It is refreshing to work with a representative that can anticipate how to serve me and my department without extensive back-and-forth conversation.

Business Leader
US-based telecommunications company

LHH has a fantastic reputation inside BAE Systems for proving high quality support for our employees and a reputation for excellent customer service and affordability to the business. It therefore became a natural decision that we work with LHH as a single partner company to provide both Outplacement and Redeployment support. Successful redeployment makes transformation programs easier to manage. Redeployment avoids redundancy costs and retains employee experience and capability inside the business, why wouldn’t you invest in maximizing the probability of its success for our employees?

Paul Schofield
Head of Employee Relations, BAE Systems

The feedback has been fantastic from everyone involved in the leadership development programs, the stakeholders across the organization have seen a real shift in behaviors of the leaders, the individuals themselves are reporting that they are much more confident and able to deal with the challenges that their day to day role faces, and their people leaders are telling us they are able to give them more accountability, more responsibility and really shift the behavior we want for our 2025 strategy.

Paul Schofield
Global Head of Leadership & Learning Imperial Brands

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Impulsando el impacto global para usted

Somos un socio confiable que genera impacto a través de soluciones personalizadas para miles de empresas diversas. Los resultados hablan por si mismos:


Personas apoyadas

Ayudando a profesionales en muchos disciplinas alcanzan sus objetivos profesionales



Acceso a una red global de potenciales empleadores para encontrar el próximo mejor trabajo


Colegas y expertos

Conocedor de los matices de cada trabajo mercado y listo para servir


Historias de éxito

Ayudar a las personas a hacer la transición a nuevos trabajos y mejorar su vida profesional


Países en el mundo

Alcance y mercado global y local insights para empresas de todos los tamaños


Años de experiencia

Haciendo de LHH la opción ideal para ayudar cumplir con sus objetivos profesionales y comerciales